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What kind machine can make paper food containers?

What kind machine can make paper food containers?

Update Time:2020/2/6
Thermo forming machine for food trays, boxes, or containers.  

Another kind machine for food trays and containers production is the thermo forming machine , part No. of LZ-TF.

PE coated paper is the raw material, and finished product is anti-water leakage .

The paper food trays is heated and formed by ultrasonic , so glue is not used.  At the same time, as paper is formed with thermo forming process, its working speed is not so quick as tray forming machine LZ-1200 series, working speed is at 35~45pcs/min.

As the machine is not with glue process, its cost is less than LZ-1200 series.  If you are planning to make the hot food containers, or water proof trays , it is really an economic choice.