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Why paper packaging is becoming more prevalent

Why paper packaging is becoming more prevalent

Mar 9,2020


Paper packing are made of natural products, which allows them to be broken down naturally in the soil. Plastic packing aren't as lucky – most aren't biodegradable and can fill up landfills, costing too much to dispose them off. Recycling plastic packing is an option, but the costs can be impractical. As of 2016, it is much more expensive to recycle one ton of plastic packing compared to paper packing. On the other hand, paper packing are easily tossed into the paper recycling bin and reused.

Renewable Resource

Paper packing are made from felled trees, which some proponents of plastic packing suggest creates more of an imprint on the environment than plastic packing. But trees are also a renewable resource that can be replaced over time. Many paper and lumber mills practice tree replacement so that their supply of trees doesn't diminish over time.